WorkWise Partners

WorkWise Business Partnership Program

The WorkWise Business Partnership Program was created to:

  • Integrate partner products into the WorkWise ERP software product offering in order to provide extended functionality.
  • Provide complimentary resources to deliver both consultative and technical services, creating a virtual organization.

All Service Providers are under an agreement with WorkWise and are certified to deliver services on WorkWise ERP and CRM products. Each Provider has agreed to conform to WorkWise standards and policies regarding the delivery of services.


Avalara logo

WorkWise and Avalara have partnered to provide the easiest way for you to accurately calculate and file sales tax.

Doing sales tax right is simple with Avalara. We do all of the research and automate the process for you, ensuring that the system is up-to-date with the most recent sales tax and VAT rates and rules in every state and country, so you don’t have to.

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No one likes dealing with sales tax.

If sales tax isn’t core to your business it should be automated. You may be doing it wrong, exposing your business to unnecessary audit risks, and don’t even know it.

As a cloud-based service, AvaTax eliminates ongoing maintenance and support. It provides you with a complete solution to manage your sales tax needs.

  • Address Validation included
  • Rooftop Accurate Calculations
  • Product and Service Taxability Rules
  • Exemption Certificate Management
  • Out-of-the-Box Sales Tax Reporting

And, we can even do the filing for you!

With an integration to AvaTax, WorkWise customers can be up and running quickly. Join over 10,000 businesses who use the leader in sales tax automation … and do sales tax right.

For more information, Click here or call us toll free at 877-780-4848 to get started.

Brilliance Business Solutions, WorkWise Service Provider
Brilliance Business Solutions

Brilliance creates a range of information technology solutions, from eBusiness web applications to search engine optimization and high-performance ERP systems.

Brilliance Business Solutions was founded to break down the boundaries between IT and the Web, opening the door for business leaders who have a vision for something better.

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We create a range of information technology solutions, from eBusiness web applications to search engine optimization and high-performance ERP systems. All are built on the central notion that a company’s web presence and IT infrastructure should be free to work together. Seamlessly.

Since 1998, Brilliance has been committed to developing software solutions that help our clients put their technology vision into action. We pride ourselves on our technical expertise, quality work, and our customer satisfaction.

Company founder Lori McDonald translated her engineering expertise as a NASA technician into skill at solving business challenges, developing software solutions that help our clients succeed:

  • eBusiness web applications
  • search engine optimization
  • high-performance hosting
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software selection
  • implementation project management
  • software customization
  • support services

We strive to make our product exceptional in value, fairly priced, and delivered on-time as promised. We also believe in the need to go above and beyond to serve our employees and communities as well as our customers. It’s our belief that financial gain is one of many measures of success; our ultimate aim is to improve the quality of life for all those whose lives we touch.

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CardConnect, WorkWise Software partner

CardConnect provides secure electronic payment technology and processing solutions for merchants using ERP systems like WorkWise. Our solutions are easy and quick to implement and use with a broad array of functionality and reporting, all designed to reduce your costs and minimize your PCI compliance effort.

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CardConnect is a rapidly growing U.S.-based payments technology company that provides solutions for companies accepting bankcard transactions, storing sensitive data and seeking to push the boundaries of innovation.

CardConnect’s proprietary payment gateway makes integrated payments, especially for enterprise systems including WorkWise, simple and secure. The only constant in payments is change and CardConnect stays on top of that change by offering enterprise businesses the flexibility to securely accept payments in almost any form.

CardConnect’s heavy investment in research and technology has produced breakthroughs in data protection with patented encryption and tokenization processes, improved strategies to remove businesses from PCI compliance scope – including PCI-certified P2PE – and innovative integrations within the tough-to-navigate environments of ERP systems.

As a recognized leader in payments security and processing technology, CardConnect takes great pride in its consistently high level of customer satisfaction. Its growing base of 65,000 customers can concentrate on growing their businesses while CardConnect manages their payments acceptance platform.

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Clarity Providers, WorkWise Service Provider
Clarity Providers

Consortium Resource Management to provide all our clients with the correct Resource and Technology.

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WorkWise ERP software experience spanning (V2.1 thru the current version)

  • Scale Integration to WorkWise ERP
  • RF Scanner Integration to WorkWise ERP (IM, SF, PO) / Conveyor Integration
  • Sales Forecast Integration
  • Re-Integration of Radley/WorkWise ERP/ EDI forecasts to MPS
  • Automated ECN System that explodes to all effected applications
  • Bar Code Integration
  • EDI experience in Automotive, Retail and Industrial
  • Programming expertise (DBL/Visual/Web etc)
  • Infrastructure expertise in TCP/IP, Network Design
  • Operating System expertise (Win 2003/2000, NT, ADS, OpenVMS, Unix)

Tom Piotrowski
Clarity Providers


Dash, WorkWise Service Provider

Dash has all of your WorkWise ERP custom programming and Document Management services needs covered. Since 1998, Dash has worked with hundreds of WorkWise ERP sofware users improving their business processes.

Our ddx™ – the WorkWise ERP Document Management system is the starting point for your paperless office. As its authors, we are the Document Management experts in the WorkWise ERP realm helping hundreds of companies experience the power of paperless.

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Document-Management Related Services:

  • ddx™ Installation, Implementation, Training and Consulting
  • Work Flow and Advanced Print Management (fax, emailing, print)
  • Document Scanning, Archival and Search applications

Custom Programming Services:

For custom programming in WorkWise ERP software, Dash has a long, proven track record of delivering creative, high-quality software solutions to meet your business challenges. Our software designers and developers are fluent in the WorkWise ERP; the latest technologies and business techniques to streamline your business. We offer:

  •  Customizing any WorkWise ERP application or module
  • Reporting – Crystal Reports and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
  • System Integration, data extraction and data import
  • Our expert programmers are fluent in a variety of languages and technologies to suit your needs – from Microsoft .NET and SQL Server, to Delphi, Synergy and more.

For more information, call Dash at 262.345.5600 or visit our website at

Dolphin Consulting, WorkWise Service Provider
Dolphin Consulting

Dolphin Consulting is a Sales Consulting, Branding and Marketing Consulting, and CRM Software Solutions Provider. With an extensive range of experienced staff, we empower you to increase revenue and productivity.

By combining business strategies with cultural strategies, we help you create a movement in your industry, a loyal customer following, and long-term customer commitment. From Sales Consulting to Software Implementation for Process Improvement, we can help your business thrive.

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Our Services Include:

  • Sales Consulting
  • Sales Strategy Consulting
  • CRM Software and Implementation
  • Sales Culture Consulting
  • Marketing and Branding

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Imperative Solves, WorkWise Service Provider
Imperative Solves

Imperative Solves helps companies grow by putting a MAP in place that guides them in the execution of their Marketing initiatives, in the identification of business processes that will benefit from Automation with the right technologies at the right price, and in developing an action-oriented and realistic strategic Plan to follow.

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Without a well prepared business and marketing plan and proper execution of that plan, it is difficult to retain existing customers and attract new clients. Who you are and how you are perceived in the market is also important to the health of your business. Without proper systems you can’t keep on top of what is happening leading to lost opportunities, costly inefficiencies and a lack of cash flow. You need to be able to have information at your finger tips in order to react or change to your business realities.

What MAP can do for your business!

  • Maintain a healthy business profit
  • Be positively perceived by your potential clients
  • Keep on top of opportunities before they are lost
  • Avoid costly inefficiencies
  • Increase cash flow
  • Reduce required personnel
  • React quickly to your changing market

Let Imperative Solves deliver the right mix of services and technologies to meet your needs.

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Marmen, WorkWise Service Provider
Marmen Computing

Our staff of consultants, designers and programmers have provided contract programming, customization and implementation assistance to a broad range of customers.

Marmen Computing, Inc. has been an authorized services provider for WorkWise ERP software for over 7 years. Our staff of consultants, designers and programmers have provided contract programming, customization and implementation assistance to a broad range of customers.

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Whether you want to tailor WorkWise ERP to a specific need, improve your business processes or integrate Abra Suite Payroll with your enterprise system, Marmen Computing can help.

  • 7 years of contract programming and implementation for WorkWise ERP customers nationwide
  • Custom software modifications in virtually every WorkWise ERP application
  • Report and document creation in Synergy, Microsoft Access and others
  • Upgrade support including mod retrofits and file conversions
  • Developing and implementing interfaces to third party software and through ODBC
  • Work with multiple versions of  WorkWise ERP software on multiple hardware platforms
  • Abra Suite Payroll and Human Resources certified

Debbie Smith-Baird
(906) 863-2611
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MFG, WorkWise Service Provider
MFG Systems

WorkWise ERP upgrades and installations, Synergy and DBL modifications, MCSE and Cisco certified services.

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Who is MFG Systems, Inc.?

  • Founded in 1986
  • Pittsburgh and Boston Locations
  • Staffed by APICS-Certified Consultants
  • Over 15 Years of Experience with RB-ERP®

MFG expertise and core competency to offer:

  • WorkWise ERP upgrades and installation – Win/VMS/Unix
  • WorkWise ERP customization services
  • Windows/Linux network design, installations and support
  • MCSE and Cisco certified services
  • Integrated Data Collection, Internet and CRM Solutions
  • Solutions from concept through post implementation

1845 Ferguson Road, Allison Park, PA 15101
Phone: 412-635-2500 Fax: 412-635-2534

The Romans Group, WorkWise Service Provider
The Romans Group, Inc.

WorkWise ERP EDI integration, SSRS Reporting, and custom integration.

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TRG Offers:
  • TRG EDI Connector – fully integrated EDI for WorkWise ERP
  • Reporting using Microsoft SSRS
  • WorkWise ERP integration from custom web, .NET and SharePoint
  • SharePoint implementation
Contact Info:

Chris Romans
920-563-1425 x101

Schmidt & Balliet Consulting, WorkWise Service Provider
Schmidt & Balliet Consulting

WorkWise ERP consulting, training, Business Process Improvement/Performance Measurement. Aligning WorkWise ERP software to varied manufacturing environments.

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Why Schmidt & Balliet Consulting?

  • Experience
  • Expertise
  • Intimate knowledge of key WorkWise ERP software applications
  • Tailored training and education
  • Aligning WorkWise ERP software to varied manufacturing environments
  • Strategy Deployment
  • Business Process Improvement/Performance Measurement
  • ERP/Supply Chain Mgmt/Lean Manufacturing
  • ODBC Tools for analysis and performance measurement

Douglas A. Schmidt & Jim Balliet
Phone: (414) 257-0339 or (414) 333-8851
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Silver Star, WorkWise Service Provider
Silver Star Services

WorkWise ERP Implementations, Training, Consulting, Modifications, Design and Programming, Upgrades.

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Silver Star Offers:

  • WorkWise ERP softwaer Implementations, Training, Consulting, Modifications, Design and Programming, Upgrades
  • Windows and Network Installation
  • Database and Website Design, PC Tools
  • Business Process Consulting

Phillip Meyers
Phone: (218) 825-1077

TechAnalysts, WorkWise Service Provider

Your solution for software, technology and computer service.

Our Goal: Providing the link between “technology” and “user’s practical application.”

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About TechAnalysts

  • Partnership with WorkWise
  • 12 years of WorkWise ERP (TCM) experience
  • Providing technical programming and consulting
  • Helping tie-in Crystal Reports and ActiveX to RB-ERP
  • Development Language Experience
  • Visual Basic, Delphi, Synergy, VB.Net, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, VBScript

Gary Hoffmann
Phone: (262) 662-1267
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uniPoint Quality for WorkWise

WorkWise ERP Quality by uniPoint manages the life-cycle of all key quality events: NC’s, CPA’s, Document Control, Maintenance & Calibration, Auditing, Health & Safety, Education & Training, Surveys, Customer Complaints, Supplier Mgmt, Validation & the complete Inspection process.

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We are an ISO-ready compliance tool, offering all the analytics, metrics and trending required to manage a certified quality management system. We integrate data from your WorkWise ERP system to offer you an intuitive quality management solution that is connected real-time to your critical business data. This means you can evolve away from a standalone, paper-based quality solution and gain enormous efficiencies.

Visit the WorkWise ERP Quality by uniPoint Landing Page