5 Reasons Why Your Manufacturing Company Needs ERP

Does your manufacturing company need ERP? Yes, it does! An Enterprise Resource Planning software is an absolute must if your goal is to create growth and improvement. There are many excuses why not to get one, but the reasons to get one far exceed them. Let’s look at five reasons why your manufacturing company needs an ERP software.

Centralize Data

With an ERP software, there are no separate systems for manufacturing, accounting, and shipping, for example. All your data, orders, and financials will be in one unified system. This means there are no more double data entries, need to go into multiple software suites to get information, and paying for multiple systems. This centralization will save time and resources, in addition to cost.

Complete Visibility

No longer will you have to ask colleagues or walk out in the shop to check in on a job. You can see everything- from where it is, who is working on it, how much longer until completion, if you have the inventory to complete it, and the final cost it takes to make it. You can see all this within the ERP and make any necessary changes in time, inventory, or cost along the way. You can see everything from the initial order to shipping which makes life a lot easier for everyone involved.

Better Analytics

The centralization of data and complete visibility will also lead to superior analytics. Using this information, you can better manage and improve company processes to improve order times, better update customers, and see what in the company requires more attention.

Superior Customer Service

There is no better way to make your customers happy than being able to tell them where their order is in the process, when it will be done, and what the exact cost will be. By being up to date by the minute, you can also foresee any future problems in inventory or work time available and make necessary changes to keep things running smoothly.

Grow the Company

The bottom line is this: ERP software will help grow your manufacturing company faster and more efficiently than you can without it. It will allow you to grow into it, rather than grow out of it. If you can take advantage of its features, the sky is the limit.

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