Should you upgrade your current CRM or find a new one?

Our previous blog post focused on the whether or not you should upgrade your current ERP software, or find a new vendor. Let’s continue with that topic, but on the CRM side of the software spectrum. When you begin experiencing issues with your current software, it is time to consider making an improvement. You have two choices: upgrade your software under your current vendor or begin the process of finding a new CRM provider.

If you are at the point where you are considering whether you want to upgrade or find a new vendor, ask yourself the following five questions to help you during your decision making process.

  1. What do employees think of the CRM?

Ask the core users of the CRM what they think of it today. There will be issues of course but find out if they like the parts that work well. For example, if the email marketing is extremely difficult and tough to use, see if they feel the same about the call scripting or contact management portions. An upgrade can fix some key issues, bit it likely will not fix everything.

  1. How is your communication with your current vendor?

When it comes to your CRM vendor, the choice to start over or go with an upgrade can be pinned down. Is the provider still around? Have you used them for support over the years? Do they charge you for everything regardless of whether it is their fault? This question alone could give you a push one way or the other.

  1. What is your hardware/software setup situated for?

This one is easy. Do you have a server and other infrastructure in place to accommodate a brand-new CRM? Or the ability to access the cloud with strong internet and software? If not, and this is not a priority or in the budget, then you should stick with your current provider.

  1. Does the upgrade offer what a new system would?

When your current system offers an upgrade, does it look like a brand-new system or minor changes to what you currently have? Do you feel like you need a big change or are minor changes okay? Based on your answers to these questions, you should get an inclination of what the right decision for your company is.

  1. Is it going to cost as much as a new system or is it far less?

How does the price to upgrade compare to the price of a new system? If it is more or the same, I would advise strongly that you at least look at a few other vendors. If it is far less, then look and see if it can meet your needs. If it can, it seems cut and dry from there that it is the right decision.

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