Should You Upgrade Your Current ERP or Find a New One?

If you have an old, outdated, and/or flawed ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software system, then this article is for you! When it is time to improve your software situation, you have two options: upgrade the system from your current provider or start fresh with a new vendor. If this is a consideration for you, here are five questions to aide in your decision-making process.

  1. What does your staff think about the current system?

Ask your employees what they think about the ERP today. Obviously, there will be issues. For example, if one of the problems is inconsistent reporting or a lack thereof, that is important. But, do they like the interface? How does it handle billing and shipping? An upgrade may fix the lack of reporting, but if the interface is bad, an upgrade may not be the ideal fix.

  1. How is your relationship with the ERP provider?

When it comes to your ERP provider, the choice to upgrade or find a new one can be simplified. Do they still exist? Have you been using them for service? Do they nickel and dime you for every little thing? This relationship could be the most critical part to making a final decision.

  1. How is your hardware/software infrastructure setup?

This one is simple. Do you have a server and other infrastructure in place to support a new system? Or if you prefer a cloud environment, do you have the software capabilities to do so when managing it yourself? If not, and it is not in the budget or a priority to get up to par, you are going to have to stick with your current provider.

  1. Does the upgrade offer what a new system would?

When your current system offers an upgrade, does it look like a brand-new system or minor changes to what you currently have? Do you feel like you need a big change or are minor changes okay? Based on your answers to these questions, you should get an inclination of what the right decision for your company is.

  1. Is it going to cost as much as a new system or is it far less?

How does the price to upgrade compare to the price of a new system? If it is more or the same, I would advise strongly that you at least look at a few other vendors. If it is far less, then look and see if it can meet your needs. If it can, it seems cut and dry from there that it is the right decision.


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