OnContact CRM Software's Security Management tools

Define users & permissions to protect your database.

Security management is one of the most important factors to consider when it comes to a customer relationship management solution. With OnContact CRM Software by WorkWise, you can rest easy knowing that your investment is safe, secure, and completely in your hands. Our software empowers system administrators to take control of their own database. At the user or group level, you can define permission to your data, and delineate who gets access to each feature of OnContact. With enhanced security measures like data access control, system auditing, user lockouts, and more, CRM administrators can manage data-level access for all users.


Designate groups of users with a common set of permissions, and decide what information they can access, and what they can’t.


System administrators can control who has access to your information and the security measures you want in place.


Audit the system by seeing who’s been adding, deleting, and editing customer and activity records.


Control User Logins

Making sure your business information is safe and secure should be a top priority. OnContact gives you the power to control which users can access the application, which users need to be locked out or removed, and how complex your password protections are. If a situation arises where you need to immediately lock out a user from the software, you’re able to do so with a single click. In addition, set the number of attempts you’ll allow for people misentering a password, and create guidelines for password creation to make them complex and secure.

Powerful Email Security

When it comes to email, the last thing you want is to send to a spam-laced email address. OnContact works behind-the-scenes to validate email addresses entered within the application to ensure that each contact is safe to reach out to.

Control Data Access

OnContact gives you a lot of power in terms of what you’ll allow each user to view and access, including:

  • What records any user can see in the system
  • The types of data they can add to, edit, and/or delete
  • Control what modules/screens a user can get to
  • Which buttons can be accessed
  • Various fields on the screen

Control Record History

You should always have total visibility over who’s been adding, editing, or deleting records from your shared database. OnContact gives administrators system auditing tools to find to find out who’s been taking these types of actions.

Control by Group

Rather than having to assign controls user by user, our software allows you to segment users by groups based on different security levels. Using these pre-defined groups, you can outline what reports they see and what data they have access to, saving you time and energy and making your solution as secure as possible.

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