OnContact CRM Customer Service Software includes Incident Management

Gain insights from incidents.

OnContact CRM Software by WorkWise gives your customer service or help desk team all the tools and information they need to remedy issues quickly and deliver accurate solutions. From the initial intake of an incident all the way through to the final resolution, our incident tracking and management software helps you track issues throughout the entire remediation process, assign and escalate cases, recognize and track product defects and record solutions to build a comprehensive knowledge base.


Track the progression of your incidents towards a final resolution. Get a complete history of every incident, including who it is assigned to, its status, priority level, issue type, notes, defects associated with it and all steps taken to resolve it.


Ensure cases are assigned to the right agents. When cases are left unresolved or are of high priority, our incident escalation functionality lets you configure rules to escalate cases and reassign them to other representatives or managers.


OnContact customer service software includes defect tracking capabilities to ensure product quality and present consistent solutions to common issues. Plus, when viewing a defect, you can quickly access all the incidents related to it.

Intelligent Customer Service

On any given day, your customer service team is likely handling a flood of calls and emails from customers, and generating multiple incident reports along the way. While many of these incidents may be resolved immediately, others take more time and effort to close. It is your responsibility to ensure every incident is handled properly and efficiently resolved.

Don't let an incident fall through the cracks

With OnContact incident tracking and management, you can make certain every issue gets resolved. When incidents are generated in OnContact, you can easily prioritize them and assign them to the right agent on your team. Everyone can see who is working on what and the status so multiple agents never respond to the same case. Plus, in the event an incident is escalated to another agent or manager, the incident history is also transferred. So at any given time, you’ll be able to view the entire history of the incident, from the initial intake all the way through to a final resolution.

With incident history available to everyone in your organization, sales representatives are also more prepared when contacting customers. From one central screen, reps can review outstanding issues before calling on a customer or scheduling a meeting.

Measure performance & trends with powerful reports

OnContact’s interactive customer service reports and dashboards give managers the information and tools they need to monitor all outstanding incidents, determine where the bottlenecks are, track their team’s performance, analyze trends, recognize product defects, reassign overworked reps, escalate cases, track the duration of incidents and more. Dashboards let you drill into the details of your data while our user-friendly customization tools allow you to make your data more meaningful to fit your unique needs.

Maximize agent productivity

OnContact CRM software provides dashboards and searches tailored for your customer service or help desk agents, so they always have exactly what they need at their fingertips. All related customer and case history is readily available from one central screen, streamlining the information-gathering process and ultimately leading to faster response times and happier customers. Solution expertise, instructions, manuals and guides can be easily accessed, searched and shared in your knowledge base. Product defects can be quickly referenced to present consistent solutions to common issues. Users can record all email communication related to an incident with our Outlook Integration Add-in. You can also maximize productivity by creating automated workflows, or steps, to help resolve issues in a consistent, standardized method.

CRM Software Just Got Better.

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