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CRM with Marketing Automation

How does CRM software differ from marketing automation software? Who each software targets. CRM software is meant to build a business’s relationship with its customers with the intention of increasing sales, while marketing automation software is solely marketing focused. With an all-in-one software, businesses can reach both their sales and marketing goals.

If you’re on the hunt for both CRM and marketing automation software, you’ve come to the right place. OnContact by WorkWise is a ground-breaking, all-in-one CRM software that includes a comprehensive marketing automation platform at no extra cost. So you can say goodbye to using pricy third-party products for your marketing automation requirements.

Our marketing automation software gives you the power to execute and evaluate highly targeted, multi-phased marketing campaigns across all your channels to deliver more revenue.

From campaign management and email marketing, to processing leads and tracking website visitors, OnContact offers a flexible, user-friendly platform to help you generate new opportunities, nurture relationships and fill your sales pipeline.

Automated Campaign Management

Execute, manage and analyze highly targeted, multi-phased campaigns across all marketing channels with our campaign management platform.

  • Automate processes to more effectively move leads through your sales pipeline.
  • Target campaigns to deliver personalized marketing messages and nurture relationships over time.
  • Drill down into the details of your campaigns to analyze effectiveness and determine where you are generating the best ROI.
OnContact CRM Software Marketing Automation - Campaign Management

Targeted Email Marketing

Our email marketing solution can be used in a variety of creative ways to increase sales, boost customer engagement, nurture relationships and improve customer retention.

  • Send targeted emails to segmented groups from within your CRM contacts.
  • Quickly build professional emails with our intuitive drag & drop email designer.
  • Create custom drip campaigns.
  • Track the success of your email campaigns with detailed analytics.
OnContact CRM Software Marketing Automation - Email Marketing

CRM & Marketing Automation for One Price

No confusing pricing tiers here. Our Enterprise CRM solution includes comprehensive sales, marketing automation and customer service functionality. No hidden fees. No extra charges.

Intuitive Email Designer

Use our email designer to build professional, eye-catching emails without having to know any HTML code.

  • Use our easy drag & drop interface to place content blocks and images exactly where you want them.
  • Choose from one of our many email templates and begin working immediately.
  • Preview, test and schedule emails.
  • Evaluate your success by analyzing email metrics like opens, clicks and bounces.
OnContact CRM Software Marketing Automation - Email Designer

Smart Lead Qualification

Don’t waste time on leads that are not yet ready or unlikely to convert. Our lead qualification process helps ensure sales associates are only working with active, qualified leads and your sales pipeline is never diluted with poor leads.

  • Store leads in our useful holding tank before they are appropriately qualified.
  • Qualify leads based on personal characteristics or certain behaviors exhibited.
  • Turn your website into a lead generating machine.
OnContact CRM Software Marketing Automation - Lead Qualification

Systematic Lead Scoring

With OnContact lead scoring, you can attach scores to your leads based on their perceived value. The scale is determine by your business and based on characteristics or behaviors of your unique target market.

  • A fully automated methodology for ranking prospective customers.
  • Deliver higher quality leads so you can focus resources on the best opportunities.
  • Refine the value of your leads over time based on each action a lead takes.
OnContact CRM Software Marketing Automation - Lead Scoring

CRM Software Just Got Better.

No confusing à la carte pricing or add-ons here. Simply choose between our Sales or Enterprise packages and our award-winning CRM software comes complete with everything you need. Plus unlimited phone, email and chat support. Absolutely no hidden fees or extra charges.

Seamless Landing Page Integration

Collect web visitor information using a lead form on your landing page that’s directly integrated with OnContact CRM software. Once a visitor submits the form, you’ll know exactly who the prospect is and can identify them by name when they visit other pages on your website.

  • Convert web visitors into leads.
  • Get to know your web visitors by name.
  • Target marketing initiatives based on the online behavior of your leads.
OnContact CRM software landing page integration

Real-time Web Visitor Tracking

Get to know your website visitors by name. Our web visitor tracking application delivers the power to track how visitors come to your website, what pages they visit, how much time is spent on each page and which pages are most effective.

  • Turn website visitors into leads.
  • Build a comprehensive navigation history.
  • Identify buying intentions to generate better leads.
Web visitor tracking with OnContact CRM software