Admin Tools – Accessing Setup and Admin Areas – CRM 10 Training

In this training video, we will learn about accessing setup and administration features in OnContact CRM 10.

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Welcome to OnContact CRM training. In this video we will learn about accessing setup and administration features in CRM 10. Please note the following information does not apply to end-users and is meant for CRM administrators who want to access the system or setup areas.

As of June 2017,  accessing admin tools and CRM 10 requires the use of a silverlight compatible browser. Current windows browsers that support Silverlight or Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox ESR. Silverlight compatible Mac browsers are Apple, Safari and Mozilla Firefox ESR. We are currently in the process of updating the CRM 10 setup and admin areas to native CRM 10 technology. This will eliminate the need for Silverlight in the future.

To access the setup and administration areas in CRM 10:

  • Log into CRM 10, click on your login name on the upper right corner and a draw with options will open.
  • Click open administration application and another drawer will open with the URL to the admin tools, instructions on how to access the admin tools, and links to download pages for silverlight compatible browsers.
  • If you already have a silverlight compatible browser, open that browser and paste or paste and go the administration link into that browser.

Once logged in you will have full access to the CRM 10 setup and system areas. For efficiency, feel free to bookmark the admin site in your browser. As stated earlier in this video, this requirement is temporary and admin access will become full CRM 10 native in the future.

And this concludes our CRM 10 admin tools video. We hope this information was valuable feel free to contact us with questions or suggestions.