The Perks of Having a CRM & QuickBooks Integration

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to view a customer’s financial and accounting information within your customer relationship management (CRM) tool without having to balance multiple, siloed browsers? With a CRM that’s fully integrated with Intuit QuickBooks, all of that possible. Take a look below at what a QuickBooks integration can mean for your business.

Secure QuickBooks Sync

With a fully-synced QuickBooks and CRM application, customer information is automatically transferred and interchangeable between the two. Customers and their data are directly imported into the CRM, while customers and their data that exist within CRM will be exported to QuickBooks. This includes payment status, account balance, purchase history, and any other activities that have been added to the contact’s dashboard.

In addition, the entire processes of syncing between the two applications is 100% secure and effortless, allowing you peace of mind in knowing that data flowing between software is accurate, safe, and paramount to creating a more efficient business.

Elimination of Dual Data Entry

Once both QuickBooks and CRM are fully integrated, the risk of adding the same data more than once is essentially eliminated. Since the two work perfectly in sync, data implemented on one application will be transferred and viewable in the other. You’ll never have to enter the same data twice.

QuickBooks Online and Desktop Support

A QuickBooks integration will often come with support for both online and desktop. With support for both of these functions, you’ll be able to:

  • Build sales orders

With QuickBooks Desktop, you’ll be able to build sales orders directly within your CRM, and then have the option to promote them to QuickBooks to generate estimates, invoices, and more.

  • Create invoices

Create invoices directly from the sales orders that you’ve made in your CRM.

  • Generate estimates from sales orders

Generate estimates as you would with invoices. All orders, invoices, and estimates utilize the most accurate, up-to-date product and customer information stored in the synced QuickBooks software.

Vast Overview of Accounts

Get a birds-eye view of all of your customers and their accounts with a synchronized CRM and QuickBooks software package. Instead of bouncing around numerous applications and dashboards, you’ll be able to go right into your CRM and pull financial and accounting information, all without ever having to leave our user-friendly application. After all, the goal of CRM is to make your business’s processes as streamlined, productive, and efficient as possible. An integrated software application helps provide just that.

May Already Be Included

With software solutions such as OnContact CRM, your QuickBooks integration will already be included with the rest of the package, including sales, marketing automation, customer service, and other features. As such, there’s no hidden fees or additional charges – it all comes right out of the box.

To learn more about the fantastic features of OnContact CRM, contact us today! We’re more than willing to detail all of the reasons why our CRM software is (probably) a great choice for your business, as well as provide you with examples of how our QuickBooks integration can work wonders.

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