All-Review ERP Reporting Technologies

Problem: Data Overload, Information Drought

As ERP systems have evolved, manufacturers have collected tremendous amounts of data from every corner of their businesses. Most struggle, however, to understand and analyze this warehouse of data. Too often, access to the information is either trapped in the system or unavailable to users without the help of IT personnel. The real secret to business success lies in extracting that data and turning it into information that is pertinent to the users.

The Answer: All-View Technology

WorkWise has resolved the dilemma of information drought through two major initiatives. First, WorkWise has pre-built the templates for all the databases directly into their reporting tools. This means that creating reports for the average user is now a simple matter of dragging and dropping those fields onto the report, and then adding any totals or special formats. Nothing could be easier or more creative.

Second, for the more sophisticated user, WorkWise has built a foundational database-utilizing SQL Server. What does this mean for you? SQL Server allows the use of SQL (Structured Query Language), the universal language for accessing databases. It’s well known by most IT professionals, and provides an easy way to retrieve the complex information you need. You never need to crack the complex proprietary databases of other vendors.

In the end, our WorkWise soltution meets the advanced needs of the IT personel with direct access to the SQL databases, and the simple needs of the average user with drag and drop tools and easy reporting options. Your reporting becomes flexible, and your information becomes more valuable.

All-View ERP Technology Key Benefits

  • See everything across the enterprise
  • Fully customizable
  • Bring pervasive intelligence to your business
  • Pre-built database and field connections
  • Fully integrated within the ERP System Software


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