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WorkWise ERP Production Suite

WorkWise ERP software is built specifically for today’s make-to-order, engineer to order, configure to order, build to stock, and mixed mode manufacturers. Our cloud solution offers the same comprehensive suite of applications included in our on-premise ERP system, without the costly hardware infrastructure and maintenance requirements. WorkWise fully manages your IT environment, including security, updates, SQL maintenance, and regular backups. This means you can reap all the benefits of a hosted, cloud environment while still experiencing the same robust functionality WorkWise ERP is known for.

When you choose to run WorkWise ERP in the cloud, you’ll benefit from our team’s vast experience developing and implementing manufacturing software, coupled with the unmatched security, reliability, and speed of Amazon Web Services, today’s industry-leading cloud hosting provider.

Advantages of the Cloud

Ease of Implementation

Cloud ERP software can be rolled out faster than its on-premise counterpart. With WorkWise ERP’s cloud offering, there’s no need for any hardware or IT infrastructure to be installed on-site. Rather, businesses can deploy and implement the cloud solution across multiple locations, avoiding the typical implementation costs and efforts associated with a traditional on-premise offering.

Secure, Fast Environment

Hosted software is just as safe and secure as its on-premise counterpart. At WorkWise, we understand the importance of data security and privacy. WorkWise ERP cloud solution is hosted with Amazon Web Services, the gold standard in speed, security, privacy and reliability. When you select the WorkWise cloud ERP solution, you’ll benefit from our team’s vast experience developing and implementing manufacturing software, coupled with today’s world-leading cloud hosting provider.

Lower Cost of Ownership

On-premise ERP systems generally demand an upfront investment, along with continual maintenance and on-going hardware-associated costs. They also require an experienced IT staff to maintain the server hardware and infrastructure. On the contrary, initial investments for hosted ERP software are generally lower, since implementation lacks the need for hardware installation or maintenance. You also don’t need IT resources to manage and maintain the server hardware and operating environment.


The needs and requirements of manufacturers are constantly changing and evolving. As a business grows in scale, so too should its software. A cloud solution can be more flexible than an on-premise solution. WorkWise ERP’s cloud solution is a highly-scalable offering that can be quickly and easily adapted to add as many new users and features as you need, when you need them. The infrastructure needs in the cloud can be easily adjusted to accommodate the growing demands without the need to upgrade or purchase new hardware.

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