WorkWise ERP Manufacturing Software

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Streamlined Human Resources

WorkWise offers a complete in-house Human Resources application developed and supported by our partner, Optimum Solutions, and fully integrated with WorkWise ERP. Our HR software streamlines the cumbersome tasks of maintaining records and reporting while keeping extensive employee information at your finger tips.

The Optimum Human Resources application is designed to help you make short work of the difficult tasks of government reporting and record-keeping. It can help you stay compliant with integrated Affordable Care and OSHA guidelines, keep your confidential and sensitive employee health information secure, and track benefits eligibility.

With Optimum HR, you can protect your company’s most valuable asset – its people.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Tracks information throughout the year and produces standard OSHA 300 and 301 reports
  • Maintains mandated OSHA codes
  • Allows safety managers to access and manage OSHA/Worker’s Compensation
  • Tracks data of physical exams
  • Generates DOT-compliant random employee selection for drug screening
  • Records information regarding general wellness, restrictions, and limitations of employees
  • Helps companies adhere to strict HIPAA regulations
  • Tracks and manages employee absenteeism
  • Add or modify attendance records
  • Immediately access employee FMLA information
  • Associates attendance plans with specific point values
  • Monitors infraction trends such as days tardy
  • Monitors company benefit costs
  • Tracks other insurance coverage for coordination of benefits
  • Monitors dependents’ age and student status to determine eligibility

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