WorkWise ERP Manufacturing Software

Efficiently Manage Customer Returns


React Quickly and Efficiently to Customer Problems

The Returns Merchandise Authorization (RMA) application provides everything you need to manage customer returns, including recording and documenting RMA requests, receive returned goods, send replacement goods, and approve or deny claims.

Our solution allows you to quickly enter and process RMA’s, create replacement and return orders, and assign a credit memo after the RMA has been approved.

RMA Features

  • Record and document RMA requests
  • Validate from invoice history and Liability Warranty databases
  • Communicate RMA’s via email or fax
  • Receive returned goods
  • Send replacement goods
  • Create credit memos
  • Issue credits for service claims
  • Approve or deny claims
  • Print RMA’s for internal use
  • Attach multiple items to a single RMA
  • Process RMA’s that have no invoice history
  • Return non-inventoried items when necessary
WorkWise ERP Software is TEC Certified

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“The best-kept secret in ERP software.” WorkWise ERP software is now TEC certified.