WorkWise ERP Manufacturing Software

Bridging the gap between planning and execution

WorkWise ERP Visual Scheduler for shop floor control

Real–Time Database of Shop Floor Activity

At the heart of MES is Shop Floor Control and Visual Scheduling. This application is designed for manufacturers to use in the scheduling and control of production, as well as the capture of labor, materials, machines and time used in that production.

Shop Floor Control & Visual Scheduling is a real–time database of shop floor activity including new work, current work–in–progress, and completions. As work moves through the plant and operations are completed, you receive instant feedback so you can respond effectively.

Functions of Shop Floor Control & Visual Scheduling Include:

  • Create, schedule and maintain accurate, up-to-date standard or customized shop orders
  • Record material and labor or machine time against each shop order
  • Flexible planning and rescheduling capabilities that produce real, makeable schedules that are in accord with current priorities
  • Create and maintain workcenter load records, shift schedules and shop planning calendars
  • View current status reporting for all shop orders
  • Create and maintain a complete shop transaction history

Shop Floor Benefits

Bar Coded Shop Packets and Pick Lists

Automatic Printing of Drawings and Work Instructions

Backflush Materials by Operation

Material Shortage Management

Drill-Downs to All Activities Reported

Track WIP by Operation Hours, Status, and Quantity Completed

Finite and Infinite Scheduling with a choice of techniques such as:

  • Forward Scheduling
  • Backward Scheduling
  • Parallel Scheduling
  • Offset (Repetitive) Scheduling
  • Overlap Scheduling