The Original Role-Based ERP

What is Role-Based ERP Software?

Our unique and innovative WorkWise ERP software is a revolutionary application that’s assembled to the individual needs of each user.

Historically, ERP systems have been organized with a modular approach, in which functions are represented by modules (MRP, Inventory, MES, General Ledger, etc.). However, this required users to go in and out of various modules to accomplish a single task. In many systems, this also meant that the item must be re-entered into each module. This approach was slow, tedious and inefficient.

WorkWise ERP changed all of this with its Role-Based WorkBenches.

WorkBenches are views that are configured to match each user’s role within the company. With Role-Based WorkBenches, workflow is configured for each user’s role and designed specifically for his or her job. Everything is available in one view so users don’t have to move in and out of applications. Everything they need to do is just a click away.

In this environment, our customers work smarter and faster – improving productivity and reducing costs.

WorkWise ERP offers the following Role-Based WorkBenches:


Our Engineering WorBench allows engineers to design their workspace to easily maintain critical item, bill, routing and configuration data.


Gain complete control over every aspect of your cash flow – from expected shipments to credit and collections.


The Manufacturing WorkBench (MWB) in WorkWise ERP software can be utilized to plan and track all segments of inventory.


Get drill down access to the entire customer demand process, from quotation through shipment and invoicing.


Construct a single view that allows users to perform all job functions without having to switch from menu to menu.


One size does not fit all.

You can tailor WorkWise ERP software to fit the exact needs of each and every individual in your company. With our Role-Based WorkBenches, you can assemble your own unique view in every application you need. Everything is available in one view, so you can share items of interest with multiple functions.

The Original Role-Based ERP Software

An Example to Illustrate WorkWise ERP

Your Role: Customer Service Representative
Your Task: Answer inquiries from customers about their orders
Your WorkWise ERP View: Customer Inquiry. Includes:

  • Customer lookup
  • Open customer orders
  • Inventory
  • Manufacturing
    • Open shop orders
    • MRP
    • MES
  • Procurement
    • Open purchase orders
  • Shipping

Not only can you confirm an order, you can also determine exactly where the order is in the process, and give a confirmed ship date. All without ever leaving your screen.

Imagine this level of functionality for every role and task within your company. We’ve created over a thousand standard individual roles you can use, or you can have a custom role created that fits your unique individual and task.

The Old Way
The old way of ERP
The New Way
Role-Based ERP software by WorkWise
Assemble your screen so that everything you need is in one view

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