Hottest Trends in Manufacturing Technology

Thanks to ever changing technology the manufacturing industry is changing, and fast. Here are some of the biggest trends happening in manufacturing right now.

1. Better ERP Systems 
The latest ERP systems allow manufacturing businesses to focus more on mixed mode manufacturing, which enables them to work as job shops or make to order manufacturers. This allows them to be more competitive in the marketplace and keeping costs under control.

2. Cloud Technology
There is much more collaboration and communication between company, customer and supply chain thanks to cloud technology. This gives manufacturing companies more control over prototyping, allows fast and easy communication between locations all over the globe, and enables the supply chain to work together more seamlessly.

3. Communication Between Machines
Communication between machines, or M2M technology, is having a deep influence on manufacturing practices and aftermarket services. M2M is being used to remotely predict maintenance problems before they ever even occur.

4. Mobile devices on the shop floor
Manufacturers are taking advantage of mobile devices on the shop floor, such as smart phones and tablets. This gives shop floor workers up-to-date information. This also cuts down on having to use paper packets to relay information or request changes.

5. 3-D printing
3-D printing enables manufacturers to do more custom work, accelerates their prototyping process, and helps keep waste to a minimum. 3-D printing is simply more efficient and more flexible.

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