Paperless ERP

Despite the massive cost of a new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, there are many ways to help lessen the impact by saving money elsewhere. One of these ways is by implementing a paperless ERP software solution.

Yet there are other benefits to this type of ERP other than just cutting costs. Let’s take a look at four other benefits.

1: Saves Time

When you convert everything from paper to digital, it eliminates the ‘waiting’ time. For example, you do not have to send or receive materials like invoices, orders, and other documents via snail mail. Digitally, you will receive it instantly so this will save time in the amount of days waiting, which means you can get orders filled faster and payments received quicker.

2: Good for the environment

Less paper documents means less waste and less need to use Earth’s natural resources. This saves the company money on the paper itself and also time to store and sort through it as well.

3: Attractive to potential customers

Potential customers can be willing to pay more for the same service if they know a company is socially and environmentally responsible. By eliminating paper, you then show the marketplace that you are conscientious and conduct business the ‘right’ way.

4: Improves operational efficiency

Employees can improve the pace at which they work when all documents are at their fingertips rather than in a filing cabinet or in a desk. It also makes it easier to track each step in operations since it all is centralized within the ERP.

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