15 Great Questions to Ask an ERP Vendor (Continued)

The process of qualifying potential enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendors is a critical phase in implementing an ERP solution. Asking an ERP vendor the right questions eliminates a lot of the guesswork involved and will help you determine which solution is the best fit for your company.

This week we continue our compilation of great questions to ask an ERP vendor. Our previous blog post covered the first 5 questions and today we will cover the next 5:

  1. What is your pricing structure? Pricing can fluctuate dramatically among ERP vendors so be sure to ask for all the details upfront. You’ll find many vendors offer license-based pricing while others offer subscription-based pricing. Subscription pricing sounds attractive up-front but license-based pricing is typically more cost effective in the long-run. Other pricing considerations include the number of users, the number of applications or modules you require, add-ins and implementation costs. You can read more about ERP pricing in How Much Does ERP Software Cost?
  2. What professional services do you offer? A vendor’s commitment to your business shouldn’t just end after ERP implementation. The best vendors partner with you for the long haul, offering continuous optimization services that help you refine and improve your use of the system over time.
  3. What training do you provide? Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the value of first-rate ERP training. Comprehensive training is one of the most critical phases of an ERP implementation because a lack of user adoption is such a common problem. Make sure the vendor you select offers highly skilled consultants and resources to adequately train your users.
  4. How often do you upgrade your software? Finding a vendor that makes consistent upgrades, improvements and enhancements to its software is a good sign that it is committed to its product. The last thing you want is to end up stuck with software that is outdated and inflexible.
  5. How long will it take to implement your software? Be sure to ask for a realistic implementation time-frame based on the size of your company and its goals. The faster you implement, the faster you earn ROI.

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