American Metal Fab and WorkWise ERP: Empowered by Quality Service

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In this customer success story, we spoke with Kelly Crowell, President of American Metal Fab. Founded in 1975, American Metal Fab is a full-service, custom-metal fabrication manufacturer with state-of-the-art equipment, such as robotic welding cells and fiber-optic laser technology. Their services vary from punching, forming, fabricating, stamping, welding, and more. Just like WorkWise, American Metal Fab has a firm commitment to their customers by providing top-notch customer service and products.

Prior to implementing WorkWise ERP, American Metal Fab was utilizing a different ERP system, one that lacked in customer service and communication. It was for those reasons that they ended up switching to WorkWise. Since the switch, they’ve experienced great customer service that’s easily accessible and always helpful.

“The main reason we wanted a change in our ERP system was customer service. We were working with a company where their customer service was offshore and difficult to work with. They frequently talked over our heads and spoke in a way that was too IT-intensive. For this reason, we were looking for a new ERP provider who provided the best customer service. That’s how we ended up with WorkWise. Everyone’s great. If we have a problem, there’s always someone at WorkWise who’s willing to help and get right on it.”

Since bringing on WorkWise ERP as their new enterprise resource planning system, American Metal Fab has experienced a number of benefits and gains, including helpful support services and the ability to only get the information they need, not useless data.

“Scheduling training with the WorkWise support team is great. We’ve sat in on a number of live webinars, such as a webinar on learning how to use the Performance WorkBench, and they’re always helpful. The biggest thing we’ve learned through using WorkWise ERP is that the information which was important to us in our old system isn’t necessarily important to us in this system. We don’t need to know every piece of information, and WorkWise does a good job of giving us only what we need.”

What made WorkWise stand out from competitors? Customer service and pricing integrity.

“WorkWise just fits us. Our older ERP provider kept raising our prices and didn’t really seem to care about our organization. They were way too big for us. WorkWise is different. If we ever need, for example, a custom report, we’ll get it pretty quickly. We get a really personal feeling from WorkWise about the work that you do.”

As for what features American Metal Fab likes the most, it’s all about saving time and getting the information they need. WorkWise ERP features like Performance Management WorkBench and Item Planning help in these regards.

“It doesn’t take all day to do our schedule anymore. Also, the Performance Management WorkBench lets us see what information we want to see, and what time we want to see it, in a nice visual way. Item Planning is also great. It’s so easy to look up specific information related to whatever we need to see.”

American Metal Fab recommends WorkWise ERP to businesses similar to their own, because the product does what it’s supposed to.

“I would recommend WorkWise ERP to companies around our size. For us, it really works.”

American Metal Fab Overall Improvements Using WorkWise ERP

  • Able to quickly find information within ERP
  • Greater visibility into performance metrics
  • Scheduling is now faster and easier
  • Access to helpful ERP knowledge and resources

Download Customer Success Story (PDF)

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