Concorde Battery and OnContact CRM: Greater Visibility for Greater Sales

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We recently sat down with Walter Heine, Director of Sales for Concorde Battery Corporation, to discuss his experience implementing and utilizing OnContact CRM software. Concorde Battery is a manufacturer of premium quality lead-acid batteries. Concorde provides batteries for a variety of applications, including aircraft, marine, medical, telecommunications, and more. And since 1979, they’ve manufactured aircraft batteries and batteries for shipboard use by the U.S military.

Concorde Battery’s manufactured products directly support our military and the Department of Defense. Due to handling such crucial communications and contacts, they needed a customer relationship management solution to maintain an organized and efficient database of information and contacts—lost or unorganized data simply isn’t an option. Here’s what Walter Heine had to say about the selection process.

“We had no central repository, we had no visibility into our salesforce, couldn’t identify opportunities or track data— we simply weren’t being as efficient as we could be. We chose OnContact for a number of reasons. First, value for dollar. OnContact comes with a lot of features at a low price point. It’s also extremely flexible and easy to learn and use. We have a mature workforce, so we need a CRM with a low learning curve, and that’s what OnContact provided.”

Less than one year into using OnContact CRM and Concorde Battery is already reaping the benefits. Some of these benefits include being able to plan for and identify opportunities, develop sales strategies from data, and get better visibility into the sales pipeline.

“OnContact CRM provides a higher level of information to our sales team, but it also provides additional information to the management team. OnContact helps us plan our sales forecast and identify any existing sales opportunities—We can now develop sales strategies based on all the data we’re collecting. CRM also gives us visibility on how prospects are progressing, how everything is moving. We didn’t have that prior to implementing OnContact. Overall, I think it improves the focus in on what you’re trying to do as a business.”

As for the implementation process, Concorde had great success. The learning curve was low and OnContact’s support services and training was helpful throughout the onboarding process.

“We had a great implementation. The learning curve is very low, which has helped our salesforce adapt and actually use the software. It’s very easy to use. As for training and support, they were both terrific. Vicki from the support center provided the helpful training we needed.”

This isn’t Walter’s first rodeo with CRM software. He’s worked with a customer relationship management tool previously, but OnContact stands out for its price and simplicity.

“I had some experience working with CRM platforms prior to coming to OnContact. There’s no comparison, from price to flexibility and ease-of-use.”

Concorde Battery recommends OnContact for businesses looking to get a lot of functionality at a reasonable price.

“OnContact is a robust package that’s scalable and easy-to-use. It’s a great bang for the buck.”

Concorde Battery Overall Improvements Using OnContact CRM

  • Access to higher level of information
  • Visibility into prospect progression
  • Easier sales forecast planning
  • More helpful training and support
  • Low learning curve for salesforce

Download Customer Success Story (PDF)

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