Hampel Corp: Staying Lean and Efficient with WorkWise ERP

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Hampel has been on the cutting edge of thermoforming science and software for more than 40 years. Specializing in vacuum forming, pressure forming and twin-sheet forming, their 190,000-square-foot facility is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and software.

“We operate in two segments”, said Paul Lorge, CEO of Hampel. “Animal care, and molded solutions. In these segments, we are the world’s largest producer of plastic calf housing, and the largest producer of portable restrooms.”

It takes a highly efficient operation for a company to become so successful. Part of Hampel’s success is certainly driven by their dedication to lean manufacturing. They’re committed to delivering solutions that save time, reduce costs, and maximize quality.

Jim Moldenhauer, the IT Manager at Hampel, has been a driving force behind lean operations at Hampel. He knows just how consequential the implementation of WorkWise has been for their business.

“WorkWise has greatly benefited Hampel. It’s been a true leader in our ability to drive process change and productivity enhancement, and to assist us in our lean capabilities.”

He adds,

“We were looking for improvements in inventory accuracy, efficiencies on the shop floor, and management of shop orders. We have absolutely met our objectives, and even exceeded them.”

Randall Haass, Director of Supply Chain and Quality, uses WorkWise ERP on a daily basis along with the rest of his team. The software is used throughout the entire business system in the shop, including production planning, scheduling, shop floor control, inventory control, barcoding and labeling.

Randall is an especially big fan of the locator system.

“It’s been a huge plus. It’s virtually eliminated what I used to affectionately call the ‘Easter Egg Hunt’. Prior to the Locator System, we didn’t know where things were or whether the counts were correct. Now I can look in the system and know it’s there.”

WorkWise ERP has made it much easier for production staff to locate inventory, saving Hampel lots of time and energy. In the past, workers had to manually search bins for inventory and tools. Today, if material handlers need to do a setup, they simply enter the tool number into the system and drive to the location.

“Having PDR in the cells is awesome,” says Jerry Brynjulfson, Plant Manager at Hampel. “Production staff can clock in from any terminal instead of wasting time going to one clock. They can look up whatever materials they need. Their work instructions are right there on the screen in the cell. They’re even reading them more than they did the paper copies.”

Floyd Pickett, a Distribution Worker, agrees. He has had plenty of experience using the software on a daily basis.

“Before we started using MDC, it was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. It’s made our job a lot easier. We can do labeling from our kiosk guns, do bin to bin transactions, and find product in our warehouse.”

The benefits of WorkWise ERP extend all the way into the office. For Ryan Calton, CFO at Hampel, the software has been instrumental in collecting data and turning it into usable information.

“Personally, I’m able to become much more productive by utilizing the WorkBenches and by mining for data as opposed to having to use other means, like queries, to get to it.”

Another advantage to implementing WorkWise is that data is now available across the company.

“Getting that data accessible to all members of Hampel has been really instrumental. Particularly with PDR, where we didn’t necessarily have access to that data out on the shop floor, we’re now able to bring more data access points out to the group.”

“I would absolutely recommend WW ERP to other companies. It’s been a solid tool for us, and we’ve had a really fantastic partnership over the years. It’s far exceeded expectations and we’ve had nothing but great feedback from our production team.”

Hampel Corp. Overall Improvements Using WorkWise ERP

  • Improved inventory accuracy
  • Improved shop order management
  • Reduced lead time
  • Increased production speed
  • Reduced costs

Download Customer Success Story (PDF)

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