Living As A Leader and OnContact CRM: The Importance of Customer Service

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The passion behind empowering leaders is what drives the staff of Living As A Leader, located in Brookfield, Wisconsin. Established in 2002, Living As A Leader’s mission is to support the growth and evolution of those in leadership positions, ranging from those just beginning their leadership careers to senior leaders and leaders in the executive realm. Living As A Leader helps to develop enthusiastic leaders who can positively engage and effectively manage their employees. Their systemic approach to developing leaders and strong corporate cultures have led the business to help create dynamic leaders who do great work and can encourage those they lead.

Like many businesses, Living As A Leader uses CRM software to help them manage daily business activities, automate sales processes and manage customers and employees. We talked to Managing Director Theresa Custer, who decided to part ways with their previous CRM provider and begin the search for a new CRM software offering.

“With our previous vendor, there was basically no customer service. Any training, I had to figure out on my own. I had to figure out how to import our data, set up fields, screen layouts and reports. We didn’t have an integrated system. I had to do all of this on my own. I would just say the customer service was not there and it was expensive.”  

Living As A Leader decided to leave their previous CRM vendor because of the high price tag, limited amount of offered training and the overall lack of customer service. While searching for a new vendor, Living As A Leader landed upon WorkWise’s OnContact CRM, feeling impressed with the software integration and management applications.

Describing the implementation process as a “smooth” one, Theresa noted that it took a total of 30 days for everything to be up and running. The open communication between both businesses and providing just what Living As A Leader asked for was also a plus.

“I’ve worked with many companies in implementation processes and I’ve never had one this smooth. We mapped out all of the fields, figured out what we wanted in the new system, and had a couple of phone calls. I was blown away when the system was up and running and all of the data transfer was done the way we wanted.  We had very few bumps and hiccups. Everybody was available, called back right away, emailed back right away.”

Theresa also raves about WorkWise’s customer service during the implementation process, which exceeded her expectations.

“WorkWise’s customer service has been absolutely fabulous. We have received hands on training. We can call someone and talk to a live person and it’s a quick response. I can’t say that enough. That’s been the best piece of converting to WorkWise.”

OnContact CRM comes complete with different features including, outlook integration and quotation management. While spending the past three months adjusting to the new software, Theresa has her sights set on specific OnContact CRM features that she plans on using in the very near future, mentioning the pipeline management tool, marketing email campaign and Quickbooks as the key features that will be most helpful to her and her team.

“We’re going to use all of your components and modules that we never had. For example, we’re in the process now of linking QuickBooks with OnContact.”

Overall, Theresa was very pleased with the efficient implementation process, the features of OnContact and with the WorkWise employees who assisted her during the entire process.

WorkWise prides itself on delivering the very best to its customers. With our OnContact CRM, we have created a world-class software, complete with the very best in customer service. Theresa agrees with the sentiment and has nothing but great things to say about her experience.

“I like that it was a whole package. You are customizing fields and screen layouts for us. It’s convenient, there’s just something to say about knowing the individual you’re talking to. You’re local, professional, accommodating. I cannot say enough nice things about WorkWise because I’m just so impressed with the level of service we received.”

Living As A Leader Improvements Using OnContact CRM

  • Efficiency and thoroughness from employees
  • Cost efficiency
  • Using components and modules not offered by other consultants

Download Customer Success Story PDF

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