Nercon and WorkWise Software: The Power of Powerful Integrations

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If there’s one company who’s utilized WorkWise’s software products more than most, it’s probably Nercon. Nercon is a designer and manufacturer of unique conveying solutions and equipment for consumer-packaged goods. They’ve been in business since 1976, headquartered in the Fox Valley area of Neenah, WI. Nercon has been a WorkWise ERP customer for over 20 years, and an OnContact CRM customer for over 2. We sat down with Matt Howell, Manager of Information Systems, and Curt Clark, IT Business Analyst, to discuss their experiences utilizing both product lines.

First, we talked about why Nercon selected OnContact CRM over the many competitors in the industry. Their answer? Simplicity, the abundance of features OnContact includes, ERP integration. And they’re already beta testing new software releases…

“We looked at other big-name competitors in the CRM market, and OnContact CRM seemed like a better fit without having to do all the heavy lifting—it does everything we need it to do. One of the reasons why we selected OnContact CRM over other vendors is so we can pass data from CRM to ERP and quotations. In that, we really liked the features and functionality and flexibility in the software. We’re currently beta testing the CRM 10 version of the product—that shows what kind of commitment WorkWise has to us.”

Since implementing OnContact CRM software, Nercon has come to appreciate various features of the software, such as the product configurator, quoting and estimating, and the pricing process. Nercon also takes advantage of OnContact’s seamless integration with WorkWise ERP and its CAD integration.

“We like the flexibility and the ability to connect data to it and drive data into it. For example, we can connect our 3D printing software with WorkWise. When our data was in Excel, we couldn’t reach in and see what was getting quoted, how it was getting quoted. WorkWise ERP’s product configurator was a big step forward for that. We use the quotation functionality within WorkWise ERP quite extensively, along with product configurator. Between the two, we’re able to generate a quotation estimate pretty quickly and we feel we’re more consistent and accurate with that pricing process.”

In the end, Curt and Matt feel the reason they’ve stuck with WorkWise through the years isn’t just about the software—it’s about the people, and WorkWise’s ability to listen to their customers. This can be seen through interacting with other customers on WorkWise’s user forums or working with support staff.

“The number one reason we’re with WorkWise is a little bit about software, but also a lot about the people and your commitment to us. WorkWise says, ‘We will help you get it right and work with you and even listen to you.’ WorkWise’s user forums are completely amazing, filled with people who want to innovate with your product… and the way you listen to us and bring that innovation back is one of the most underrated things.”

Universal software platforms are big right now. For those looking for an integrated solution, Curt and Matt recommend WorkWise and OnContact’s software solutions.

“All of my IT buddies are trying to platform right now. They want a universal platform to work with and to be able to pass data without having to deal with re-entry. That’s huge, and WorkWise and OnContact do exactly that.”

Nercon Overall Improvements Using WorkWise ERP and OnContact CRM

  • Ability to pass data between ERP and CRM
  • More accurate and consistent pricing process
  • Able to integrate with 3D printing software
  • Elimination of data re-entry

Download Customer Success Story (PDF)

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