OnContact and The Equitable Bank: A Service-Driven CRM for a Service-Driven Banker

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When you think of a traditional bank, the word “corporate” probably comes to mind. When you think of The Equitable Bank, “community-driven” should come to mind instead. The Equitable Bank is a full-service community bank, serving Milwaukee, WI and its surrounding areas for the past 90 years. While over time most banks turn to mergers and acquisitions that push them into larger institutions, The Equitable Bank does not—their focus is solely on Southeast Wisconsin and its community. Take it from Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Tom Sattler:

“Ultimately, it’s our level of customer service that sets us apart. At the end of the day, we’re a community bank. We invest back into the community, not only when it comes to our employees, but also with the business that we do. Community is our primary driver.”

To proactively engage with their local community, The Equitable Bank acknowledged the need for a full-featured, easy-to-use customer relationship management solution. That’s when Tom and his team decided to partner with OnContact CRM by WorkWise.

“It was between OnContact and another industry leading CRM provider. The major deciding factor that moved OnContact ahead of competitors was the level of personal attention given—we’re much more important and valued by OnContact than we would have been by another provider.”

Since their CRM implementation two years ago, The Equitable Bank has enjoyed great success in managing their sales pipeline, following up with customers, and for Tom, holding his sales reps accountable.

“OnContact CRM has improved the way we’ve been able to track our sales pipeline and given us an opportunity to make sure we’re following up with existing customers and reaching out to prospects. For me as a manager, I now have something tangible I’m able to go back to in terms of sales productivity. Accountability has gotten a lot easier.”

Tom also wanted to point out the level of customer service the support team at WorkWise and OnContact has provided since their CRM implementation.

“The support team at OnContact has been fantastic. Anytime we’ve had questions, they’ve done a really great, thorough job. They’ve also been helpful with providing additional CRM training to our sales reps as needed.”

The partnership between WorkWise and The Equitable Bank has been a collaborative, successful effort from start to finish. For Tom, he’s happy to recommend the customer relationship management solution to any company interested in acquiring a new CRM.

Download Customer Success Story (PDF)

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