The Industrial Controls Company: Cloud ERP Software for Manufacturers

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The Industrial Controls Company, most commonly known as ICC, is passionate about control manufacturing and system integration. The company designs, builds, tests and certifies control systems for automation and equipment needs.

With its origins dating back to 1982, ICC came from a merger between an engineering firm, LAS Automation and control panels manufacturer, Tenric. Originally referred to as Absolute Automation, the company changed its name to The Industrial Controls Company in 2010. The name change was meant to better reflect the company’s strengths.

One year ago, ICC began running into issues with their former enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. From the rising costs, to their former system becoming both too complex and not best suited for their work environment and duties anymore, ICC decided to begin their search for a new ERP vendor. After searching through a numerous packages, The Industrial Controls Co. found WorkWise ERP.

“We looked at about a dozen different packages. We ended up with WorkWise, basically as a unanimous decision.” President and CEO, Don Lavrenz says.

The Industrial Controls Corp. wanted a system that could serve as a match to their specific company needs as well as a system that was easy to use and could grant them more flexibility, which is why they made the decision to specifically implement Cloud ERP.

Project Manager Donny Lavrenz says, “We implemented ERP in the cloud because we wanted the flexibility for users to be able to use it anywhere. We wanted to scale up and scale down as needed.”

The ERP implementation process consisted of four phases, which were laid out by Project Manager, Donny Lavrenz. Those phases included WorkWise consultants speaking with the company’s users to learn what they specifically needed from an ERP software. Next, data from the company’s old system was moved to their new WorkWise ERP system. The final two phases included modeling data to ensure that it worked properly and user training before it went live.

Donny says that the training process was thorough and the moment it went live, it was as smooth as the implementation process.

“We did a final go through before go live, made sure everyone was comfortable and then we flipped the switch, went live and it worked just like it did in training.”

President and CEO, Don is happy with the results since the initial implementation of the cloud ERP, mentioning that it works best with what the duties that the company does on a daily basis.

“The cloud based ERP system is really a great fit for us. It’s working really well, it’s been really stable. It’s actually better than our old package.”

Don also raved about the assistance he and The Industrial Controls Company received from WorkWise consultants.

“Anytime we have an issue I make a phone call and people are on it. The consultants that we’ve worked with, they rock. Everyone that we’ve dealt with so far have been outstanding.”

ICC had a tight deadline to complete the implementation process and was thankful that WorkWise ERP consultants were able to move both quickly and efficiently, helping them continue their daily work duties with little to no interruptions. They enthusiastically recommended WorkWise to other companies in search of ERP software.

“I would highly recommend WorkWise to other companies. I’m going to be completely honest with you, there’s a lot of good ERP packages out there and a lot of them that work with manufacturers. WorkWise, the consultants that we worked with, the people that came in and set it up for us, the support that we have, it’s cost competitive, the implementation has been great, the people have been great. They bend over backwards to help us. We feel that they’re on our side.”

Don continued with his praise stating that both The Industrial Controls Co. and WorkWise have similar missions, which is to help their customers. Because of that, it is the perfect matchup for them.

“What we try to do for our customers, WorkWise tries to do for their customers. So they’re a true partner.”

ICC’s Overall Improvements Using WorkWise ERP

  • Improved user flexibility with cloud ERP
  • Quick return to daily business practices after implementation
  • Scale up and down as needed with cloud ERP
  • Improvements with workflow and productivity

Download Customer Success Story (PDF)

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