The CapstanAG™ Search for A True Manufacturing Software

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Located in Topeka, Kansas, CapstanAG specializes in precision application systems for the agricultural industry, with a focus on chemical and fertilizer applications.

After ten years with their former ERP software, CapstanAG felt that it was not suited for their manufacturing process, so they began their search for a new ERP solution that could provide them the tools, applications and seamless integration needed in order to run daily business operations.

In January 2019, CapstanAG went live with WorkWise ERP in the cloud. We spoke with Pam Reynolds, Chief Financial Officer, about the company’s experience with their previous software provider and how their search for the right ERP software led them to WorkWise.

“We had a system that had been in place for about ten years and it turned out it was not a very good manufacturing system. It was more of an accounting system that they tried to put manufacturing into.”

With their struggles utilizing an ERP system that was designed for accounting and not a manufacturing operation that creates precision application systems, CapstanAG decided to search for a new ERP software. Their investigation led them to look at many ERP providers, some of which they met with and took part in live demos. They continued their hunt and after a simple Google search, they landed on WorkWise.

“Our IT person searched for ERP manufacturing systems and found you. WorkWise offered something that other ERP vendors couldn’t offer us.”

When asked why CapstanAG chose WorkWise over other ERP offerings, Pam mentions that it had to do with the software’s efficiency, how it is geared toward manufacturers, and the specific applications WorkWise ERP offers.

“What’s really nice is to have everything in one package. My financials are in the same package as the manufacturing and the customer orders. Everything integrates seamlessly. Bringing in inventory management has been a huge benefit for us. Being able to jump between workbenches and different points of data has been really nice.”

After examining everything that WorkWise ERP has to offer, CapstanAG moved forward with the implementation. Pam discusses the implementation process and how helpful the WorkWise representatives were every step of the way, from implementation to pushing the system live.

“The implementation went really well. The WorkWise rep spent multiple weeks with us here on site, training our folks, getting us ready to go live on January 1st. Once we did go live, they were here in the building with us for two straight weeks to make sure that if our people had any issues or concerns, whether they be process or system related, they were right there walking us through it. They’ve been wonderful in this process.”

What is special about this ERP implementation is that fact that it was implemented in the cloud. There are many reasons why companies choose either on-premise or the cloud version of ERP. For CapstanAG, their decision rested on having sales representatives who are often on the road and need access to the software.

“We have about twenty folks that use the system, that are not here in Topeka, Kansas. So in our prior system they would have to pick up a VPN connection and log into our system and with being on the road and traveling, that did not work well for them at all.”

Pam mentions that ERP cloud deployment has “been much easier for our folks on the road to be able to access their data.” Even though CapstanAG has over ten years of experience working with an ERP software, they had never deployed CRM before.

Currently, WorkWise and CapstanAG are in the midst of implementing OnContact CRM, which is set to go live in March. Pam expressed her hopes for what using CRM can do in terms of helping sales representatives who work closely with customers in the field.

“We really hope that it’s going to help the guys in the field manage their sales and prospects so that way when they are out, they have a good understanding as to what’s going on with their customers and who their new customers potentially are.”

Pam mentions that one of the stand out benefits of WorkWise ERP is how seamless the integration is. Manufacturing companies tend to use many applications in conjunction with one another.

“Everything is seamlessly integrated. As soon as we create an order, that order flows into manufacturing, manufacturing can understand where the demand is coming from, purchasing can understand where the demand is coming from and be able to see all of that data seamlessly.”

Overall, CapstanAG is happy with what WorkWise ERP has managed to do for their business and enthusiastic about OnContact CRM. From the integration, to the manufacturing specific applications, Pam makes note of the overall business improvements and how WorkWise ERP will help CapstanAG evolve as a business.

“To see the continuous improvements that WorkWise is putting into their software, we know that this system will be able to grow with us as we grow.”

 Download Customer Success Story PDF

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