Using An ERP Evaluation Firm in Vendor Selection

The decision to research and select a new partner in an ERP vendor is huge. Essentially every aspect of a business will be touched upon by the new enterprise resource planning software solution. In some cases, businesses have already gotten comfortable using a specific vendor or system, and thus don’t have the initiative to do their own research. In other cases, businesses simply prefer an outside perspective from experts who have a mastery of exploring ERP solutions. Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that utilizing an ERP software evaluation firm can prove to be a great resource for many businesses. Let’s take a look in more detail at some of the reasons.

We all want the same things

Between us, your business, and the ERP software evaluation firm, one thing holds true: we all want the same thing—we want your business to thrive with a strong enterprise resource planning solution. And if that means you’d like to utilize a software evaluation firm to assist you in the process, we get it. Again, investing in an ERP solution is a major decision that requires a lot of involvement, initiative, time, and investments. We also know when we’re the right solution for a business and when we’re not, and we’ll be open and honest about that throughout the process.

Outside perspective

Perhaps you’ve been invested in one software solution for years, and don’t really know where to start looking, or you’re unfamiliar with the new features that your business could thrive with, such as customer relationship management (CRM) software. In both of these scenarios, an ERP vendor evaluation firm can be extremely helpful in their ability to educate you and your team members on the newest trends in the industry, features that would be beneficial, etc.

Expertise in the selection process

There’s no doubt about it; the ERP vendor selection process can be daunting. With so many vendors to choose from and so many software features to take a look it, it’s no wonder that businesses are relying on evaluation firms to assist in the process. By utilizing one of these services, manufacturers and distributors are equipping themselves with a beneficial resource to assist in the narrowing down of and eventual selection of a vendor.

Challenges vendors

Partnering with a vendor selection and evaluation firm puts pressure on ERP providers to demonstrate how their solutions can meet the day-to-day demands of clients. It also helps ensure that your business is selecting only from the best-quality and most applicable vendors in the industry to meet your unique needs. No vendors are created equal; it’s your job to figure out which one is the best fit for your business.

If not a firm, use an RFP

For many manufacturers and distributors, utilizing a software evaluation firm isn’t their solution. If this is the case, consider relying on a Request for Proposal (RFP) to drill down into specifics, learn more about your business’s needs and requirements, and find the solution that makes the most sense.

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