What is Social ERP?

What is Social ERP, also known as ‘Social enterprise resource planning (sERP)’? Social ERP differs in several specific ways from traditional ERP software.

1. Data on each customer is shared throughout the supply chain, unless they’ve opted into (or out of) privacy levels.

2. Social ERP give you real time access and limited amounts of real time social customer relationship management data. New social ERP systems are largely web-based and give supplies and customers alike access to real time data.

3. Social ERP has the ability to strengthen business relationships by adding a personal touch to the customer/sales interaction. This also means that the customer is likely to provide more accurate data to the salesperson.

Many experts believe Social ERP is the “ERP of the future”. It can be a great way to connect with your customers on a deeper level and get accurate, more reliable data from them.

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